30. Mar 2017

Liwentaal’s office building overlooking the airport to be built in Ülemiste City

 In Ülemiste City, at 12 Lõõtsa Street, the cornerstone for a new 13-storey office building was set today. The building is located right next to the airport and will, in the future, offer unique views in Estonia of the airport and Lake Ülemiste. The office building of almost 10,000 m² is named after Alexandre Liwentaal, an aviation legend with Estonian roots. The building will be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

„Ülemiste City has successfully joined classical business and the Estonian spiritual heritage,“ said Taavi Aas, Acting Mayor of Tallinn. „For the city, it is important that entrepreneurs think, in addition to specific commercial interests, of the comprehensive environment around the buildings which helps to perpetuate and promote the local culture.“

„Despite the fact that development activity may leave the impression that similar office buildings are constantly built, it is important for us to create a permanent environment of milieu, architectural, and social value,“ said Gert Jostov, Chairman of the Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS. „Several really important areas have been established and survived as a complete concept – we may think that the Old Town of Tallinn is no longer being built, but in the long run, this is exactly what we are doing.“

„In the tough competition of office premises in Tallinn, those who can offer a better location and more convenience have an advantage,“ said Gert Jostov. „Liwentaal's building next to the airport terminal is particularly suitable for companies that have to travel a lot on business. A new parking house will simultaneously be built with the office and this is good news for those who prefer to drive to work by car. At the same time, the environment is supported by all convenience services of the campus, such as a food shop, fitness facilities, nearby restaurants, schools, kindergartens, public transport, and much more.“

„Ülemiste City is a symbol for modern work environment and business campus – both modern and innovative IT companies as well as public authorities want to move here,“ said Erkki Suurorg, Member of the Board of Nordecon AS. „The new building built by Nordecon ensures even more high-quality and modern office premises in an attractive location to Ülemiste AS and its clients. The office building to be named after Alexandre Liwentaal, located at 12 Lõõtsa Street, has a distinctive architecture which stands out. Additionally, it is built in accordance with the Leed Gold certificate standards, which means that the building will meet the high standards regarding the environment, energy use, construction, and building materials.“

The total area of Liwentaal's office building will be 9,700 m² and 9,100 m² of it will be office premises. The building will have an eye-catching comb-pattern facade, which matches the adjacent Valukoja parking house and the vertical design elements of the historic airport terminal. The author of the architectural design is Novarc Grupp AS.

 The location of the building – near the airport – is the reason why the building will be named after Alexandre Liwentaal, who was born in Switzerland, had roots in Estonia, and was a great figure of world aviation. According to historical sources, he completed his first flight with a glider he built himself as early as in March 1898, in England. This was five years before the Wright Brothers performed their world-famous “first flight”, which took place in December 1903.