10. Nov 2016

Järveküla school and Nordecon signed a science and technology cooperation agreement

Today, on 10 November a new school was opened in Peetri district, in Rae rural municipality – in the inauguration of the school, Nordecon AS, the company constructed this building and Järveküla school, concluded a cooperation agreement, which aim is to cooperate in promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics among the basic school youth.

“Our aim is to combine the knowledge and skills received from school with employment and show that scientific developments surround us everywhere and every day,” said the Head of Järveküla schoolMare Räis. “How to change the drum class into soundproof and manage the lamps in the assembly hall by computer? How good is the idea to make a floor of the assembly hall from birch? How fast is the water heated in the swimming pool? These questions can be answered when we can use measuring tools, process data and ask directly from masters. Some things we saw during the construction period, some of the specimen of the materials we took to the storeroom for the study period. A possibility to ask directly from the specialists is the highest value of our continuous cooperation.”

“For many years Nordecon has concentrated on selecting grant agreements, especially regarding the activities related to the development and future of children and youth. The conclusion of the cooperation agreement with Järveküla school is particularly interesting for us, because the agreement involves the fields of science and technology that are also important in our work and this provides the specialists at Nordecon with an opportunity to participate in teaching,” Jaano Vink, the Chairman of the board of Nordecon AS explained. “As a constructor by communicating on a daily basis with the management of the school we came to the understanding that this house has a will and abilities to do things in new ways and enthusiastically. Therefore we have agreed that the cooperation is valid at first for three years and includes various activities which are aimed towards children’s better education.”

 According to the agreement Nordecon AS and Järveküla school will have joint projects, which aims and contents are related to promoting science. Within three years, Nordecon will support once in sum of 2000 Euros to buy teaching aids and will reward three times with 1000 Euros (that is once each year of the cooperation agreement), an active and dedicated school worker whose activity helps to achieve the aim of the cooperation agreement the most. The important part of this agreement is also the inclusion of the workers of Nordecon AS to the teaching process, for example organizing workshops in Science Days etc.

 The curriculum of Järveküla school is based on promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics among the youth of the basic school; it is focused on investigative study and the development of the 21st century’s skills; it is developing the work of the supportive hobby classes.