21. Sep 2017

Eventus Ehitus OÜ and NOBE are building phase III of the Smarten logistics centre for 3.8 million

Evenetus Ehitus OÜ and NOBE entered into a contract with Nordassets OÜ for designing and construction of phase III of the logistics centre of AS Smarten Logistics in Rae Parish. The contract costs approximately EUR 3.8 M plus value added tax.

The Smarten logistics centre to be built in Rae Parish, in the close vicinity of the Tallinn-Tartu road, will include 42,500 square metres of modern warehouse premises. Construction of the first warehouse of 17,000 m2 was completed in January 2015, the extension of the warehouse was completed in February 2017, and construction of phase III of 12,500 m2 will be completed in the summer of 2018.

 “The need for construction of phase III of Smarten Logistics arose as a result of Smarten giving up other, smaller warehouse premises at the company’s disposal,” said Laur Kivistik, representative of the contracting entity, Nordassets OÜ. “It is the aim of the tenant to assemble all of their services in the two large complexes in Assaku and in Rukki Street, by which they are hoping to achieve higher efficiency and synergy in their daily operations,” said Kivistik.

According to Lauri Kaska, head of Eventus Ehitus OÜ, the Smarten logistics centre with its 42,500 square metres of space holds an important position in the company’s reference portfolio, and thus, no compromises are made in the construction of phase III. “Retaining the trust of good clients is our primary goal. The contract for the construction of yet another extension if a fair feedback, which proves that we are on the right track,” said Lauri Kaska.

“Previous cooperation in the construction of phases I and II of the Smarten logistics centre has been operative and smooth, both with the contracting entity as well as with the partner providing the construction works, Eventus Ehitus - undertaking the works of phase III with the same team is proof of that,” said Magnus Velling, Board Member of NOBE. “Construction works may actually be easy, especially in the case of building a similar object for the same client with a well-functioning team,” added Magnus Velling.

 Construction works of phase III of Smarten Logistics at 1 Rukki Street will be launched in October 2017.