• 13. Nov 2017 Nordecon to build 21 M worth military objects to Tapa

    Nordecon and the Centre for Defence Investment entered into two contracts for services for the construction of new objects at Tapa armed forces campus. Armoured manoeuvring capability infrastructures and two barracks will be built. The total cost of the construction works amount to 21 M euros.

  • 20. Oct 2017 Road maintenance company: do not let road conditions surprise you

    As the period of winter maintenance is approaching, Tariston AS, subsidiary of Nordecon dealing with all-year maintenance of national roads, has prepared up to 60 units of fully equipped road maintenance cars. Tariston AS is responsible for the maintenance of about 2,700 km of roads in Harju County, Keila, Järva County, and Hiiu County.

  • 20. Oct 2017 Nordecon completed the design and construction work on the expansion of the Kohtla-Järve wastewater treatment plant

    Nordecon completed the design and construction work on the leachate and contaminated rainwater cleaning system in the landfill which did not comply with environmental requirements for hazardous waste in the Kohtla-Järve oil shale industry. The work was started in December 2015 and the cleaning system was delivered to the contractor in due time in June this year. Nordecon completed the additional road design and construction work by the end of September. The total cost of the contract was 4.2 million euros with VAT.

  • 09. Oct 2017 Nordecon will build a 6-storey office building in Lviv's Technopark in western Ukraine

    Eurocon Ukraine TOV, a subsidiary of Nordecon AS registered in Ukraine, and Lviv Standartbud Limited Liability Company concluded a contract for the construction of a 6-storey office building in the innovation park LvivTech.City in Lviv. The contract value is around 8 million euros (including VAT). The construction will be completed in September 2018.

  • 03. Oct 2017 Nordecon delivered to the contracting entity military objects worth 25 M euros at the Tapa army base

    Nordecon delivered to the Centre for Defence Investment at the Tapa army base the construction works of phases I and II of the infrastructure for manoeuvring of armoured vehicles, thereat, the latter was delivered before the scheduled date of completion. In addition to the roads, fields, and technical communications, the important buildings constructed in phase I also included a substation, a barrack and a catering complex, shelters for the technical equipment, as well as maintenance and training buildings, plus further shelters and training buildings in phase II. The total cost of the construction works amounted to nearly 25 M euros.

  • 22. Sep 2017 Yesterday, ceremonial opening of Viimsi Äritare office building was held

    Yesterday, a ceremonial event to mark completion of the construction of Viimsi Äritare – the first modern office building in Viimsi, located at 3 Paadi Road in the centre of Haabneeme -  was held. The surface area of Viimsi Äritare is approximately 8,000 m2. There are premises for commercial undertakings and catering companies on the ground floor and offices on the first and second floor, with room for approximately 200 jobs in total in the building. As a gift from the Rotary Club of Viimsi, a bench dubbed Viimsi Äripink was unveiled in front of the building.

  • 21. Sep 2017 Eventus Ehitus OÜ and NOBE are building phase III of the Smarten logistics centre for 3.8 million

    Evenetus Ehitus OÜ and NOBE entered into a contract with Nordassets OÜ for designing and construction of phase III of the logistics centre of AS Smarten Logistics in Rae Parish. The contract costs approximately EUR 3.8 M plus value added tax.

  • 18. Sep 2017 Nordecon and Haven Kakumäe signed a contract to build 3 apartment buildings to Kakumä

    Nordecon AS and Haven Kakumäe OÜ signed a contract to design and build three apartment building to Lesta 10, Kakumäe, Tallinn. Nordecon’s contract is about 11 million Euros, total volume of Haven Kakumäe’s development investments is 70 million Euros. The buildings will be complete by the end of 2018.

  • 11. Sep 2017 Topping-out ceremony of office building with views of Tallinn airport held in Ülemiste City campus today

    The topping-out ceremony of the new office building at Lõõtsa 12 in Tallinn, which has now reached its maximum height of 45 metres, was held in Ülemiste City campus. This is the highest building permitted in the neighbourhood of the airport, which offers views of the airport and Lake Ülemiste. Construction will be completed in the first half of 2018.

  • 01. Sep 2017 NOBE and Kontek Int AS will carry out the concrete works in the Porto Franco project

     Porto Franco, the biggest business and leisure centre to be built in the heart of Tallinn, concluded a contract with NOBE and the Kontek Int AS consortium for designing the three underground floors and five ground floors in the development project, as well as carrying out the concrete works. The total cost of the works is nearly 31 million euros.