The Group’s strategic business agenda and targets for the period 2016-2020

Business activities until 2020

  • The Group will grow, mostly organically, with a focus on more efficient use of its existing resources.
  • In Estonia, we will compete in both the building and the infrastructure construction segments.
  • Our Estonian entities will be among their segments’ market leaders.
  • In Sweden, we will focus on general contracting in Stockholm and the surrounding area.
  • In Finland, we will focus on general contracting and concrete works in Helsinki and the surrounding area.
  • In Ukraine, we will focus on general contracting, primarily in Kiev and the surrounding area.

Employees until 2020

  • We expect the TRI*M Index, which reflects employee satisfaction and commitment, to improve across the Group by 3 percentage points per year on average.
  • We value balanced teamwork where youthful energy and drive complement long-term experience.
  • We will recognise employees that are dedicated and responsible and contribute to the Group’s success.
  • We expect to raise operating profit per employee to at least 12 thousand euros.

Financial targets until 2020

  • Revenue will grow at least 10% per year.
  • The contribution of foreign markets will increase to 25% of revenue.
  • Our own housing development revenue will account for at least 5% of our Estonian revenues.
  • Operating margin for the year will be consistently above 3%.
  • On average, at least 30% of profit for the year will be distributed as dividends.
  • Return on invested capital (ROIC) will average 13%.