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Emitter  Nordecon AS
Stock market  Nasdaq Tallinn
List  Baltic Main List
Stock type  Common stock
Ticker  NCN1T
ISIN  EE3100039496
Par value  No par value*
Profile  Construction & Engineering
Emitter residency  Estonia
Total number of securities  32 375 483
Number of listed securities  32 375 483
Listing date  18.05.2006

Nordecon AS shares are found in the following NASDAQ OMX indexes: OMX_Baltic_GI; OMX_Baltic_PI; OMX_Tallinn_GI; OMX_Baltic_Industrials_GI; OMX_Baltic_Industrials_PI; OMX_Baltic_Construction_&_Materials_GI; OMX_Baltic_Construction_&_Materials_PI.

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Additional information can be found from Nasdaq Tallinn website.

* In connection with Estonia’s accession to the euro-zone on 1 January 2011 and in line with amendments to the Estonian Commercial Code that took effect on 1 July 2010 as well as a resolution adopted by the annual general meeting of Nordecon AS in May 2011, the company’s share capital was converted from 307,567,280 Estonian kroons to 19,657,131.9 euros. Concurrently with the conversion, the company adopted shares without par value. In July 2014, the extraordinary general meeting adopted the resolution to increase the company's share capital to 20,691,704.91 euros. The share capital of Nordecon AS now consists of 32,375,483 ordinary registered shares with no par value.