Management Board

According to the articles of association, the company's board may have up to five members. Members of the board are elected and appointed by the council. The term of office of a member of the board is three years.

Gerd Müller, chairman of the board 
Gerd Müller joined the Group as chairman of the board in the beginning of 2018. He has previously worked in banking and payment services sectors: in Hansabank (later Swedbank) as head of different functions and as member of the board (1992 - 2001), in EuroProcessing International (later First Data) as regional manager (2002 - 2008), in TAG Systems Finland (later EVRY Card Services) as head of Baltic region (2009 - 2015) and in Nordea Bank as head of development and head of Estonian branch (2015 - 2017). Gerd graduated from the faculty of economics of Tallinn University of Technology.
As the chairman of the board, Gerd Müller is responsible for the general management of Nordecon AS and it’s management board as well Nordecon AS subsidiaries in the scope of strategic issues.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations:
 Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs (board)
Interests (over 5%) in other companies:
 Adviseum OÜ

Priit Luman, member of the board 
Priit Luman has held different construction management related positions in Nordecon AS since 2006. Starting from 2013 he was the head of the buildings construction division. Priit graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in Civil and Building Engineering in 2010, obtaining a cum laude Master’s degree in Science in Engineering. Starting from 2017 Priit studies in the EMBA program of Aalto University. Priit Luman has been issued a Level V Diploma Civil Engineer by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.
As a member of the board, Priit Luman is responsible for managing the Nordecon Group construction operations and foreign markets.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations: none
Interests (over 5%) in other companies: none

Maret Tambek, member of the board 
Maret Tambek started working for Nordecon Infra AS as a financial manager in 2007. She assumed the position of head accountant of the group in spring 2010 and as of July 2014, Maret Tambek acts as a financial director. Previously, Maret worked for KPMG Baltics AS as an auditor for eleven years. She worked as a specialist for the Bank of Estonia from 1992 to 1996. Maret graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of management and planning of manufacturing in 1989. Maret is certified public accountant and member of the Estonian Auditors’ Association.
As a member of the board, Maret Tambek is responsible for financial management and support services of Nordecon AS.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations: none
Interests (over 5%) in other companies: Absolvere OÜ

Information of the shares owned by members of the Management Board is disclosed on page "Shareholders".