Sales and Pre-construction

Ando Voogma

Ando Voogma, Member of the Management Board

From 1 August  2017, Ando Voogma started as a member of the board of Nordecon AS and he is the Head of sales and pre-construction department. Ando joined Nordecon AS in 1996, from 2002 to 2005 he was a member of the board of directors of the group and IT and the Development Director. Since 2005, Ando has been a member of the management board of AS Arealis Real Estate, a real estate development company belonging to the group of Nordic Contractors AS, a parent company of Nordecon AS. Ando Voogma graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of industrial and civil engineering in 1993.

Tormi Müür, Technical Director

Tormi Müür joined Nordecon group in 2010 as a cost accountant. Since 2011, Tormi performed the duties of the head of utility network budgeting, and as of 2013, the duties of the head of building and utility network budgeting. Tormi is Technical Director as of 1 October 2017.  In the years 2012-2015, Tormi acted as the lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology in “Cost estimation of construction”, in addition to his main work at Nordecon. In 2010, Tormi acquired a Master's level degree in engineering from Tallinn University of Technology where he studied construction management and management. Chartered Civil Engineer certificate, level 8, has been attributed to Tormi by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.

Toomas Rell, Head of Residential Development Department

Toomas Rell started working for the group in 2005. He has worked in different positions in the field of real estate development. Toomas has been the manager of the Real Estate Department since 2009. He obtained his leading experience in Põltsamaa Felix AS from 1995 to 2005. Toomas graduated from the Estonian Agricultural University (now known as the Estonian University of Life Sciences).

Deniss Berman, Head of the HVAC Unit



Madis Gilden, Head of Building Design Department

Madis Gilden started to work at Nordecon in 2015 as a project manager in design. Since April 2016, he is the Head of the Building Design Department. He has previous work experience from Novarc Group AS (EA Reng AS), and K-Projekt AS. Madis graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 2015 in the specialty of Construction Engineering.

Ats Janno, Head of Purchasing Department

Ats Janno started working in the concern in 2004 as an object engineer and since 2005 worked as object manager. Ats is managing the purchases department starting from 2013. Previously he had been working for Restor AS and Matek OÜ. Ats graduated from Tallinn University of Technology majoring in Construction Engineering. He has been certified as a civil engineer, level 7 by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.

Miina Karafin, Development Manager

Miina Karafin joined Nordecon in 2015 as the BIM Project Manager. Since 2018, Miina has been working as the Development Manager. She has previous work experience with Skanska USA Building Inc. and Trevor Sadd Associates Ltd. In 2012, Miina graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology, obtaining a Master’s degree in industrial and civil engineering.

Tanel Kivipõld, Head of the Electrical Works Unit

Tanel Kivipõld has worked in Nordecon as the Head of the Electrical Works Unit since 2014. He joined the Group in 2006 as a specialist of electrical works in the areas of electrical and low current works and automation. Tanel obtained a Master’s degree in engineering in 2010 at the Tallinn University of Technology in the speciality Electrical Engineering. In 2014, he got his Ph. doctorate at the same university. Tanel is a Chartered Electrical Engineer in the area of electrical networks and systems, level 8 (Estonian Society for Electrical Power Engineering). He holds a Class A certificate of competence.

Veiko Pärlin, Head of Tendering Department

Veiko Pärlin started working for Nordecon AS as the manager of the construction preparation department in 2008. Veiko had a long working history in the Ministry of Defence, where he was last responsible for the work of the Infrastructure Department. Veiko graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of building technology in 1997.

Marek Suviste, Head of Facilities Desing and Geodesy Department 

Marek Suviste has been working in the company since 2001. Marek worked as a work manager and as a surveyor. In 2006 he was appointed manager of the Design and Geodesy Department. Marek has graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Building Technology in 2001, and from the Faculty of Road Engineering in the same university in 2011.