Key Subsidiaries

  Kaspar Kaldjärv

Kaspar Kaldjärv, Chairman of the Management Board of Tariston AS
As of 1 January, 2017, Kaspar Kaldjärv is serving as the Chairman of the Board of Tariston AS. Kaspar joined the Group in 2004. He has been performing the duties of a site manager, lawyer, Head and later the Director of the Road Maintenance and Technology Division. Kaspar’s responsibilities have included the duties of a member of the Supervisory Boards of Järva Teed AS, Hiiu Teed OÜ, and Kaurits OÜ, and coordination of the work of these companies within the Group. Kaspar is a member of the Supervisory Board of Pigipada OÜ, which is an affiliated undertaking of Tariston AS. He acquired higher education in the specialty of the law in 2005 at the University Nord. In 2007, he became a Master of social sciences.

 Peep Sakk

Peep Sakk, Director of Eston Ehitus AS
Peep Sakk has been working for Eston Ehitus AS since 1993 and as the manager of the company since 2010. He has previously been a works manager with the Pärnu KEK and Renet AS. Peep graduated from Tallinn Polytechnical Institute (now known as Tallinn University of Technology) in the field of industrial and civil engineering in 1985.


Priit Pluutus, Member of the Management Board of SWENCN OÜ
Priit Pluutus started his work in the group in 1997. He has been an object manager, project manager, and a division head. As a Member of the Board, Priit was responsible for the sales activity of Nordecon in 2007-2008, and for that of Nordecon Infra in 2009-2010. Since 2016 he is a member of the management board of SWENCN OÜ. Priit graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology in 1995, and the MBA main programme at the International Business Administration at Estonian Business School in 2000. Priit Pluutus has been issued a level 8 Diploma in Civil Engineering by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.

  Janek Uibo

Janek Uibo, Member of the Management Board of Kaurits OÜ
Janek Uibo has been a member of the management board of Kaurits OÜ since 2008. Janek started working for Kaurits in 2006 as a project manager. Previously, Janek worked for Infraehitus OÜ and Hard Restauraator OÜ. Janek has studied in the Tallinn University of Technology in the field of building technology.

 Mait Rõõmusaar

Mait Rõõmusaar, Chairman of the Management Board of Nordecon Betoon OÜ
Mait Rõõmusaar has been a member of the management board and the construction manager of Nordecon Betoon OÜ since 2000. He worked for Via Pont AS as a project manager from 1996 to 2000. Mait graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of road construction in 1995.