Finance and Support Functions

Maret Tambek

Maret Tambek, Member of the Management Board

Maret Tambek has been working in the Group since 2007. She has served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accountant. Since July 2014, she is Financial Director and since May 2017, a member of the Management Board. As a member of the Board, Maret Tambek is responsible for Nordecon's financial management and support services. Maret has previously worked for 11 years as an auditor for KPMG Baltics OÜ. From 1992 to 1996 she worked as a specialist at Bank of Estonia. In 1989, Maret graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in Industrial Management and Planning. Maret is a sworn auditor and member of the Estonian Board of Auditors.

Hannes Must, Head of Quality Department

Hannes Must joined the Group in 2012 as a quality project manager. From March 2018, Hannes has been the Head of Quality Department. In 2001, Hannes graduated from the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences with the specialty of building construction and, in 2014, a specialty in road construction. In 2015, Hannes obtained a Master's degree in Engineering Sciences at Tallinn University of Technology cum laude in the specialty of industrial and civil engineering, in the direction of construction economics and management. Hannes has been granted the qualification of a civil engineer, level IV, by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.


Ingrid Kiisel, Head of Group Function Legal Affairs

Ingrid Kiisel joined the Group in 2006. She has served as a lawyer and head of the Legal Department. Since 2009, Ingrid is the Head of Group Function Legal Affairs. Previously, Ingrid has worked at the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance as the chief specialist of the Insurance Division and as a lawyer at YIT Ehitus AS (formerly known as FKSM AS). Since 1998, Ingrid is a member of the Member of the Estonian Academic Jurisprudence Society. In 2000, Ingrid graduated cum laude the Institute of Law in the specialty of law and in 2004 defended Master's degree at the Institute of Law of the University of Tartu.

Jaana Pedras, Human Resources Manager

Jaana Pedras has been working at Nordecon since 2019. Previously, she worked both as a specialist and manager at the Human Resource Department of Nordea Bank, as the Human Resources Manager at Luminor and as the coordinator of the Estonian Human Resource Management Association PARE. Jaana has a degree in Andragogy from Tallinn University.


Mart Moldau, Head of IT Department

Mart Moldau joined the Group in 2005 as Head of IT Department. Previously, Mart worked as Head of Information Systems Department and Head of Computer Systems Group at Tallinn Port in 2000–2005. He has acquired knowledge in computer networking at Tallinn Polytechnic Institute (Tallinn University of Technology).

Mirjam Mikkin, Communications Manager

Mirjam Mikkin has been working at Nordecon since 2019. Previously, Mirjam has worked as a Marketing Manager at Nordea Bank and Luminor, as a Corporate Communications Consultant at Hill & Knowlton Strategies, and as a Communication Manager and Program Consultant at the Estonian office of the European Youth at the Archimedes Foundation. Mirjam graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Tallinn University of Technology and studied organizational behavior at Tallinn University.


Tatjana Boiko, Head of Group Function Accounting

Tatjana Boiko joined the Group in 2007. She has served as Chief Accountant of the subgroup and Chief Accountant of Nordecon International AS and Deputy Chief Accountant of the Group. From July 2014, Tatiana Boiko is the Head of Group Function Accounting. Between 1996 and 2007 Tatjana worked as Chief Accountant and Chief Executive Officer at Vulcaanhaven Eesti OÜ and in the years preceding that as an accountant at Ooperi Restorani AS and Santeko AS. Tatjana graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the specialty of accounting and economic analysis in 1990. In 2012, she received the qualification of ACCA DipIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting).