Construction activity

Meelis Kann

Meelis Kann, Buildings Construction Director

Since March 2018, Meelis Kann has been working at Nordecon AS as the Buildings Construction Director. Meelis Kann started working at Nordecon AS in 2004 as a Quality-Assurance Specialist. In 2007, he became the Manager of the Quality-Assurance Department. In the past, Meelis worked as a Project Manager at Ahti Väin Konsult OÜ. In 1998, Meelis graduated with a degree in civil engineering (rural construction) from the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Ain Pähkel, Road Construction Director

Ain Pähkel began work in the Group in 2002 as the foreman, then he became the project manager and in 2009, the head of the road construction division. Since 2011, Ain has been the head of the road construction and the production division. Ain graduated with a specialty in Civil Engineering from TTK University of Applied Sciences of Tallinn and acquired further education at the Tallinn University of Technology, where he obtained the MSc degree cum laude in engineering (road construction). Ain has been granted the certified level 7 of a road engineer by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.

Reedik Raudla, Civil Engineering Director

Reedik Raudla started working for the group as a work manager in 1996. He then became a project manager and, as of 2010, the manager of the division of civil engineering. He worked for Teede REV-2 as a works manager before he joined Nordecon. Reedik graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of transport construction in 1999 and obtained an M.Tech at the same university in 2001. He is certified by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers as a level 8 civil engineer in the fields of general and road construction.