Digital construction

Rapidly developing digital construction i.e. various digitalisation solutions help modernise the construction industry, improve its efficiency and make its image more attractive to young people choosing a profession.

Nordecon is an active member of the board of the Digital Construction Cluster which enables us to participate in construction and development-related discussions and to support national digitalisation initiatives. Digital solutions, which have been implemented, are becoming standard practice and the opportunities offered by different software going to be harnessed more extensively. In addition to increasing convenience and speed, digitalisation helps make the construction sector more environment-friendly, safer and more transparent. 

Digital construction in our everyday work:

- Use of BIM in almost all of our projects. Using 3D models during design phase helps prevent and avoid      mistakes on the construction site. We have successfully completed a few as-built models that owners can use during the maintenance phase.

- All documents related to a construction project are generated and signed in a digital environment. Most of our projects do not have any documents signed on paper! Digitalisation on site helps to increase transparency and efficiency.