Nordecon is involved in building office buildings, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses and non-residential buildings.

In addition to Nordecon, its subsidiaries Eston Ehitus and Nordecon Betoon - specialising in concrete works – are active in the Estonian construction market.

In Ukraine, Nordecon is represented by its subsidiary Eurocon OÜ, which builds office and industrial buildings.

Nordecon offers the services of general contracting, as well as management of design work and project management. Nordecon has designed and built office and service buildings, retail, wholesale and industrial facilities, non-residential buildings, accommodation facilities and apartment buildings all over Estonia. It has also restored architectural monuments and construction works of value in terms of heritage conservation.

Eston Ehitus mainly operates in Western Estonia, having for years been a leading building company in the area.

Nordecon Betoon, first and foremost specialising in designing and preparation of concrete works, offers complete loadbearing structure and basement solutions, pours concrete floors, makes frameworks, roofs and ceilings. The company also builds various storage facilities and tanks for agricultural purposes.