Engineering solutions

Podolsky bridge in Kiev 2014

Lifting of steel beam elements weighing 600 tons each. Lifting height vertically 58 m and horizontally 16 m. Beam cross-section 4x3 m and length 78 m. Lifting speed 5,8 m per hour.

Railway overpass at the Tõrvandi intersection 2015

During the construction of the western bypass of Tartu at the Tõrvandi intersection, a previously built overpass, weighing about 300 tons, was lifted into place with a crane. Rail services were interrupted for only 31 hours during the construction. In this time, the railway was dismantled, the previously installed concrete sleepers were dug out, the support elements were mounted, the deck slab was put into place, the abutments were filled, the plates were installed, and the embankment and superstructure were restored.

Railway overpass at the Topi intersection 2014

During construction of the Juuliku-Tabasalu connecting road, a new railway overpass was built in the II construction area of the Top intersection in 48 hours, utilising a method used for the first time in the Baltic States. The previously constructed overpass next to the railway, 31 meters in length and 325 tons in weight, was put into place with sliders installed under the overpass.

OSAMAT pilot programme

Nordecon AS with Eesti Energia and the Road Administration participated in the OSAMAT pilot programme initiated in the frame of the European Union programme LIFE+ in the years 2010-2016.
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